“know your garden and where your water is.”


 ~Hopi proverb




A mentoring immersion in Wombat State Forest in the Highlands of Victoria

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Meet Renée - Lady Pachamama

Renée is a plant wisdom keeper, ceremonialist, shamanic healer and therapist, she’s a kitchen witch, plant based chef, yoga teacher, an earth doula, bio-regionalist, and a practising animist.

Renée runs various workshops, sacred cacao ceremonies, mentoring programmes and her personal practice from the forest highlands of Regional Victoria, Australia, which just so happens to be her home.

She offers ceremonial work with sacred cacao and other plant medicine, spiritual nutrition and education around food as medicine, plant and earth wisdom work, ancestral healing, embodiment work, and more. Reneé's mission is to help people recalibrate and realign back to their own original human blueprint, connecting back to our roots within nature, our remembrance to our ancestral lineages that has reverence and solid connection to the land beneath our feet.

Reneé's intent through her work is to create a space that nourishing that mind-body-soul connection, tapping into our own unique personal medicines, our passions, our heart and of course our purpose. 

Recipes & Tips 


Visit my blog to keep you updated with many plant based wholesome recipes, & also tips to keep you feeling passionate and connected to your body, purpose and wellbeing 

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