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Renée McCready


1:1 shamanic healing 

 Plant based & Wholefood cooking

Ki flow yoga

Sacred cacao ceremonies

Workshops & retreats 

Earth Wisdom Mentoring Programme 

My Story

Renée McCready is a Therapist of Shiatsu & Oriental Practices, a Wellbeing & Mind-Set Coach, Shamanic Healer, Living Food Chef. Educator and Yoga Teacher, having studied a 3 year traditional apprenticeship in Oki-Do Yoga, her lineage being - 3rd generation direct from Japanese Master Masahiro Oki.

Renée has studied many multi disciplinary modalities of the ancient and new Spiritual practices, with many teachers both locally and internationally and in both group and an individual capacity. Her background extends from the Performing Arts, Visual Arts Curation, Health & Wellness Industry and Motherhood, of which she had gleamed, studied and experienced wholeheartedly and integrated into her teachings, therapy, daily life and practice, allowing her to develop her own style or yoga and healing called Ki Flow Healing and Ki Flow Yoga. 

Renée work’s with a person's body and blueprint on all levels, tapping into their own innate creative and spiritual intelligence, reconnecting the body to its pure potential using soul integration and retrieval, psychic surgery, shamanic practices, integration of the divine feminine aspects, blockage removal, light body activation, meridian system and 5 element balancing, breath work, body alignment techniques, guided meditation & yogic principles, somatic cellular re-patterning, sacred geometry, plant healing & earth wisdom work, spiritual nutrition & the use of raw plant based foods. 



Renée's Journey at present is earth work, plant based,  and deeply shamanic, as her path leads her further into shamanic initiation & ceremony also Women's work, spiritual & earth midwifery, plant spirit medicine, wild crafting and a deeper understanding of spiritual nutrition using plants & living foods in a medicinal way. 

As a Plant based Living Food Chef, Renée has created menus, concepts adding her own personal flare and alchemy, for many Food & Wellness oriented Melbourne based cafes & establishments.

Renée has facilitated many yoga, and living food workshops & retreats in Australia, New Zealand and Bali.