House Healings 


“Your sacred space is where you can find yourself again and again.’ — Joseph Campbell



We often dismiss the importance of keeping our home clear of negative energies and creating an ongoing honouring & protection of our sanctuary.


With negative thought forms floating about from arguments, fear based thinking, depression, anger also EMF's from electronic devices and any accumulated energies bought in from our dream time or from other unsuspecting visitors, a shamanic house healing will assist your sacred space to become just that, sacred.

In a shamanic house healing, I will come to your home with my "tool kit" sit in meditation with my altar I will create to assist me, representing the 5 elements and 7 directions, where I will honour the ancestors of the land and also the family lineage, to tune in and pick up on any messages or energies that I need to be aware of. Using shamanic tools, sage, palo santo, resins, vibrational sprays, chanting, drumming, rattles, crystal grids, salt, sacred geometry, sacred fire, and prayer I will cleanse and clear the space and environment of any imprints and negative energies.  

As part of a House Healing, I can also set up your homes own Central Altar, making sacred space, this can be done in conjuction with you, so that it incorporates and honours all aspects of spirit, the earth elements and your physical and spiritual lineage, if this aspect interest you, we can discuss it further as part of your house healing.  

Investment: between $150-350 plus travel costs.

I also offer house healing's and clearings remotely, all I need is a basic floor plan with the 4 directions, north south, east and west noted on the plan, and a few photos of the space and land. Once completed I will email through a brief and any instructions for further work to be done on the property


Investment for remote healing's is $150 

Please Contact me for more information, a discussion around your house healing needs, and to make a time. 

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