Ki Flow Yoga

Please note: my shamanic somatic based yoga at this time is only part of my ceremonial, mentouring an immersion work I run from my home in the forest. No classes are running from Melbourne until further notice, but please register your interest with me via the contact page, or by subscribing to the mailing list. 

Imagine being able to practice being strong & balanced at your edge some days or soft and behind your edge on others with no judgement. 

Ki Flow Yoga allows the remembering and the intelligence of the body to guide you. 

Each practice is new, unfolding another layer of experience, it opens us into different ways to relate to our body that involves our emotions (we use connection to Chinese 5 element theory) and an understanding of how we use our body in relationship to these energies, also the food we eat, the season we are in or the dreams & visions we hold.

When we practice Ki Flow we hold a posture as a shape (for example the downward facing dog is a V or a triangle) moving through that, taking time, and allowing each breath to be the thread that links all plans of consciousness.

We allow the practice to be free form, like a dance or a wave – like motion, non-static, flowing.

 Each expression or posture links and moves into the next – there is no end result only process – no attachment to the perfect form, being in the moment and in every way surrendering to that, what is perfect.

Weather it is with freedom or constriction, it is that, the body is unfolding the pattern it wants/needs to communicate to you, to even momentarily find the oneness.

Emotion – what is within as you flow? What does your left side say? 

What does your right side say? 


Ki Flow Yoga allows us to question that which triggers the physical movement in the body as a shape is held, it opens up an otherwise closed circuit, it reconnects us to our truth that is locked away.

Ki Flow ‘moves you to oneness’

Part of my intent is that each person takes something that resonates with them ‘off the mat’ and into other aspects of their daily life.

Classes are normally run from private locations in Melbourne. 

Classes are limited to keep them intimate, so bookings are essential.

Classes are 1.5 hours.

Investment is $25. 

Please contact me for more information, bookings and details.

You can find on-going class dates on the Events & Happenings Page 


Ki Flow yoga is a shamanic somatic based yoga therapy developed by Renée McCready

"Ki Flow Yoga allows the remembering and the intelligence of the body to guide you" 


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