Earth Wisdom & Forest Medicine Mentoring Programme 

Sovereignty from an earth wisdom perspective 

A mentoring immersion in Wombat State Forest in the Highlands of Victoria + new offering of an on-line residency mid year 2022 and Shamanic + Plant Pathway
month *Apprenticeships
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*prerequisite for apprenticeships are completing the mentoring residences either on-line or in person  

Woman Alone in Forest

Nowadays, in non-indigenous cultures, shamanism is studied and practiced as a life path, returning us to our wild. 

Following a shamanistic perspective, individuals seek to be in relationship with nature and the spirit in all things.

They seek to use information and guidance from non-ordinary reality to intentionally form their own life experience. 

This perspective is not about creating a personal or inherently known dogma, but allows a person to be in direct relationship and communion with whatever they perceive as a teacher and healer, rediscovering your original blueprint, your own medicines and your personal sovereignty.

 You're a human with millions of years of earth wisdom and plant knowledge in your bones, remembering this is your ancestral birthright! 

This programme brings 20 years of my work as a shamanic healer & intuitive, space holder & earth centrered ceremonialist, bioregionalist, plant tender & earth doula, wild crafter, kitchen witch, green witch & practicing animist, bodyworker, yoga teacher and well-being practitioner together.

 It is about sovereignty from an Earth Medicine perspective, rediscovering your original blueprint, using shamanic tools, the green witch lineage, embodiment work, kitchen wisdom, and returning to your wild.


This mentoring programme will support anyone new to this body of work, and for already established practitioners, healers and teachers it will be an opportunity to refine, reconnect and expand into a deeper level of personal and professional growth from an earth medicine and shamanic standpoint.

During the week residency I will be asking you to focus on clean plant based eating, each day I will be serving you a plant based lunch, so during the first day when we are focusing on food sovereignty you will create your own personal empowered nutritional paradigm to follow, also extra information will be gathered that you will be able to integrate into your lifestyle ongoing.

Taking into consideration some fluidity with the subject matter, as it might change slightly during the course of the residency programme and some subjects will possibly overlap and also allowing for interactive exploitative organic experiences within the subject matter.



Course concept breakdown;

Day 1-2 Holographic Nutrition™ - Plant Based Food/Spiritual Nutritional aspect 

  • The Energetic Continuum - Energetic Architecture 

  • The human Crystal

  • Connecting with your bodies own innate barometer & biofeild and how It holds the blueprint for your health

  • Food as medicine

  • Spiritual nutrition and how I categorise living foods as apposed to conventional nutritional paradigm

  • 5 element theory as a diagnostic tool and your predominant element

  • Gut health and the microbiome

  • Ancestral foodways

  • Understanding the medicine of water

  • A deeper understanding of whole food plant based alchemy -  Kitchen Wisdom

  • Medicinal nourishing herbal vinegar's and infusions

  • The light of live foods - foods for life

  • Micro minerals being the frequency of light, enzymes, DNA activation and cell health

  • Charging & clearing your food

  • Blessing and prayer with food

Day 3-5 - Shamanic and Earth Work

  • Establishing a deep relationship with the elements, Earth, Air, Wind & Fire & Self

  • Establishing a deep relationship with our botanical allies and ancestors 

  • Communing with plants/plant spirit healing/plant allies, totems & deita

  • Bio Regional Medicine & Totems 

  • Ancestral Healing

  • the importance of Story Medicine 

  • Animal Totems and Allies 

  • Meditation and prayer using the natural elements

  • Earth wisdom - gaining direct knowledge from nature

  • The importance of the sun

  • Creating altars

  • Creating sacred space

  • Clearing space

  • Daily ritual & offering 

  • The use of Sound as medicine

  • Discovering your own personal medicines and working on your personal "toolbox"

  • Creating an Establishing a Mesa - movable medicine altar of your own

  • Your body as a teacher|intuitive somatic movement 

  • Embodiment work with music

  • Private group Sacred Cacao Ceremony

Day 6 - Integration 

  • Gathering of knowledge, integration and debriefing of the programme.

Mentoring blocks for 2022

AUTUMN ~April 24th-30th ~ in person +FULLY BOOKED

WINTER ~ online Date TBA for late July/earth August

SPRING ~ in-person Date TBA for September relocation dependant 


Pilot online offering is a heavy reduced price of $1555 instead of $1888

In person residencies are $2'222 ~ Including accommodation, welcome group dinner on the Sunday eve post arrival and daily lunches

A Deposit of $400 will be taken to secure your place then the remainder to be paid in full on commencement of the programme or in 3 instalments prior to commencement.

If you would like to secure your place, or express interest please contact me for a chat, or email me so I can send you the short application to fill out.

If you have any other questions or need more information please let me know.


If you would like to read more about Renée, you can do that Here.

if you would like to read a blog post from the 2019 Winter Residency you can do that Here

 *please note the name change for this programme. It was previously called Food & the Shamanic Path and was run also over 6 weeks hence reference to this in testimonials etc


"Food is nutrition for the physical body, but also it's nutrition for the heart and nutrition for our heart's relationship to everything that lives, we should be aware of the food that we eat and everything that we take into our bodies. Let it nurture you, let it nourish, let it empower you, let it give you life, and let it allow you to understand your greater connection to spirit, yourself and the earth medicines"

- Renée McCready

Earth Wisdom Forest Immersion WINTER 2020

Wow, in a time of social distancing, fear, confusion, and global transformation we managed to squeeze in an incredibly connected and inspired week.  This body of work Renee is offering is an incredible pathway home to yourself.  Finely and intuitively crafted to remind you why you are here….. 

Grounded in care, respect and exploration of the body’s wisdom, the scene is set for a unique and deep unfolding into what feels like the belly of the earth.  I have never felt so held, and Renee’s guidance and space holding abilities encouraged this incredible alchemy that is extremely rare and experiential.  Sounds mysterious I know, and it is.  Renee is a is a flame keeper of Ancestral Ways and shares her learning with deep reverence for the Mystery and the folk that are fortunate enough to work with her.

I am so grateful she has taken on the huge task of practicing, refining, collating, sharing, and teaching this pathway, I desperately needed it and know the benefits and wisdom will be unfolding for a long time to come.

Kau Kau

Ky Alecto-Mukari - Seedstar Co. 

'WOW, what a beautiful ride!! A true and transformative 6 weeks.

Renee’s program is a must for all those curious souls seeking a deeper level of inner-truth.

With sacred intent, Renee always created a safe and supporting space so that I felt comfortable diving deep, allowing much to be uncovered and revealed.

Renee’s method of working is incredibly organic and intuitive - tapping into the authenticity of each individual allowed for a very potent and aligned experience.

Her abundant wealth of knowledge (across many different holistic modalities), and her generosity in sharing it all made for a deeply rich and magical 6 weeks.

Thank You Renee - my mind is blown with high-vibes and my heart full of love for what I learned and shared with you during this time'

A’HO! - Claire Kenna



'I first met Renee at one of her Everyday Raw Plant Based & Vegan Workshops after finding her website online.

Being a vegetarian flirting with raw food and veganism, I was keen to learn new skills and recipes in the kitchen and hopefully improve my relationship with food.

I was a little anxious before going as I was on my own, but arriving to a warm embrace from Renee at the door of her beautiful home in the forest I felt completely at ease.

The workshop was everything I had hoped for and more and left me inspired. Next I attended her Food & the Shamanic Path Masterclass to learn more about the spiritual/energy side of food (and so so much more!) and again left with my mind blown, as well as meeting some beautiful like-minded people.

About a month later I was looking at doing a raw food course in Bali or maybe yoga or maybe something to complement my massage practice. “Stuck" and needing direction, I found Renee’s Mentorship program. Thank you Universe.

I was lucky enough to be one of the first to take part in this amazing 6 week journey.

Renee generously shares her incredible wealth of knowledge and years of experience in an free flowing style that allows fluidity in learning and a deep understanding.

She is authentic, genuine and has the science to back her body of work. I have grown so much and reconnected to myself and the world around me.

Renee is the real deal and I have so much love and respect for this amazing woman' 

Thank you - Mary Kung

Raw Ki flows beautiful journey of Food and the Shamanic Path, opened me up.

The space held by Renee enabled me to see, to evolve, and to allow what I knew was already there, to flow straight in.

She held space beautifully, as we journeyed throughout the mentoring. Fire, water, air, earth, my home, my insides, the elements that I am made of, started to begin to make sense to me. I started to make sense of myself.
Fire, water, air, earth- all combined. All powerful, all knowing.

Thankyou Renee for being a guide, an intuitive healer and a way shower for the ones who wish to come next.

To learn, to expand, to re-return to their innate knowing, knowledge and way of being.

- Casey Dharma 

For anyone called to explore the magical wisdom of plants and their medicines, I thoroughly recommend working with Renée of Rakiflow.

A vessel of knowledge, her teaching style provides access for both the Scientist and Spiritualist, containing theory and experiential practice that allows for both structural and fluid learnings. Renée is truly a custodian of our plant kingdom, and if you are ready to drop into a journey of rememberings and discovery then she will guide the way."

- Kate Constance


I feel blessed to have spent a week with Renée recently, where she generously opened up her home and heart to share her knowledge and wisdom about food, plants, the earth and the shamanic pathway. Renée created and held a beautiful soft space for our group, to connect learn and share together.

I am more knowledgeable about food and its energy and more conscious of what I eat and my intention when preparing food for myself and family. We learnt how to make sauerkraut, kvass, herbal tinctures, vinegars and infusions, as well as being spoilt with her amazing lunches everyday. I now know how to tune into my body and write my own script to nourish, nurture and heal.
Under Renée's humble guidance we explored the shamanic pathway and our connection to nature through the earth, fire, spirit, water and air elements. We discovered a world between worlds and access to the space Ren calls “soft fascination” where my inner child was delighted to come out to play!

This course enriched my life in so many ways and has invited me to embrace a more slow and purposeful approach to my daily tasks.

Through Renée's teachings I was able to embody my soul's gifts and natural abilities and to walk my path with more grace and confidence.
I also feel more aligned and in tune with my my work as a Kinesiologist and look forward to creating an organic space of love and connection with my clients
I have reclaimed my soul and returned with the gift of myself.
Thank you Renee - forever grateful .

~ Anthia T


Spending a week in the forest with the beautiful forest mama and queen Renée was such a magical and transformative experience.

A deepening into my own understandings and relationship to the plant and elemental realms. New ways of relating and learning the wisdoms from our plant allies. Recalling back parts of my soul that had been lost through time was incredible and empowering to journey through.

A deep embodiment of the holographic nature of all beings.. food, water, the universe and each and everyone of us and just how intertwined with ALL of mother nature we truely are.

I had so much fun foraging, learning, getting my kitchen witch skills on. Being initiated into the ancient ways, giving offerings to the land and the sacred directions and growing alongside 5 other magical human beings.

Learning how to build my own Mesa and being guided through incredible shamanic journeys was an experience I wish every human could have!

Renée’s delivery of the wisdom she has gained along her path so far was immensely captivating.

Such an amazing human full of wisdom, love and playfulness. So welcoming and encouraging to be all of who you are and to remember the innate wisdoms that are locked away within your own being.

I wish I could do this all over again, and again.. and again.. and again!!

This was the best week of my life!


Thank you so much Renée for this incredible opportunity”


~ Crystal lovesgaia

I participated in Renee’s Residency program almost 8 months ago now - and I’m still feeling the ripple effects of it today. That’s how powerful it is.


I came into the program feeling pretty fragile and quite lost. I’d been spinning my wheels from a long time, and I wanted to get a clearer idea of what gifts and medicines I had to offer to the world. Renee planted little seeds in me that I’m now starting to see bloom, months later. It’s absolute magic.


The week was transformational. I learnt SO much about plant attunement, harvesting, working with plants, creating a mesa (my favourite part) plus so much more. We covered so much it helped me discover where some of my dormant passions had been. 


Because of the safe (and hilarious) space that Renee held, we explored deep conversations about everything. The cornerstone of my experience was letting go of an enormous burden of shame I’d been carrying for a lifetime. I didn’t plan for it at all, but I guess that’s where the best breakthroughs happen.


Better still, I created deep bonds with the beautiful souls in my group - and we’re still connecting in different ways 8 months on.


It was a beautiful, life changing experience - and I’d highly recommend it to anyone who is ready to dive deeper into plant medicine work and discover what gifts they have to bring to the world.


~ Chantelle Neve