Shamanic Healing 

"I tune into feel and rebalance chi through the body, using access to the meridian system. 

I collect messages from a person's cellular memory, feeling into the persons spiritual lineages, which I help bring into their now moment, creating more soul mass for the individual. 

Within this calling back aspects or fractals of the person, you could name this "soul retrieval "and recalibration or what might often be termed "soul surgery", It's like a knitting at a deep cellular level, a kind of sorting and creating space for re-balancing and deep healing. 

Sometimes I get really obvious messages from spirit and aspects of that person, or a guide etc, other times it's more just deep body related hands on and hands off healing,

healing and cellular re-calibration focused movement, seeing the body as geometry in its original blueprint, and assisting it in its own intelligence."

- Renée McCready 


  You can read more about my 1 week Residency Earth Wisdom & Forest Medicine Mentoring Programme Here 

Ki (energy) Flow Healing, or 1:1 Shamanic Healing is a practice developed over the last 15 years by Renee McCready.

 It is process orientated therapeutic bodywork with its origins in Shiatsu, 5 element theory, Oriental & Zen Therapies, Yogic philosophies, Multi disciplinary energetic practices, both ancient and new, shamanic principles, Body alignment, Well-being & life coaching.

I work with a person's body and blueprint on all levels, reconnecting the body to its pure potential using soul integration and retrieval, psychic surgery, shamanic practices, integration of divine feminine aspects, blockage removal, ancestral karmic healing, light body activation, meridian system and 5 element balancing, breath work, guided meditation, cellular re-patterning, and sacred 

A treatment session takes up to 90mins this includes, therapeutic conversation and hands on healing and energy work. healings are done from my healing space in the forest, just over an hours drive from Melbourne.


Investment is $150.

The entire practice is done clothed and covered on a futon on the floor for maximum comfort.

 Click here to read more About Renée. 

Please contact me to make a booking or for further enquires regarding healings. 


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