Plant Based Workshops 

 I run raw plant based Workshops from the forest in Regional Victoria, just under an hours drive from Melbourne.

All my workshops are on hold for the foreseeable future.

Please check back for future plant based workshops in 2021 


Everyday Raw Plant Based & Vegan Workshop

I get asked frequently about the basics of eating raw, plant based and vegan, tips, recipes, inspirations & idea. I put together this comprehensive 5 hour workshop to show you my everyday plant based fundamentals. 

I will give you tips & ideas, answer any questions, make you lunch, show you around my home kitchen and demonstrate as well as give you all my tried & tested foundation recipes from over the years as well as a copy of my 2012 e-book Awakening to raw.

Each time this workshop is run, there will always be extra things to sample and new ideas to take home. There is an organic, free form flow & element to the ongoing workshops, and an interactive sharing element which makes the workshop fun and exploitative. 

Spaces will be very limited.
Investment is $180. 

We will cover;


+ How to set up a functional Everyday working space.


+ What tools are the most beneficial for everyday use.


+ Preparing certain foods in advance to make everyday clean eating simple.


+ How I eat most days, which is Buddha bowl styles and how to make various types with a flavor theme as your base.

+ A variety of healing and nourishing elixirs.


+ 2 of my favorite everyday salads, these are all salads that I've created as a raw vegan chef for various cafes.

+ How to make two types of vegan milks, one being a nut free version.


+ 3 Easy breakfast ideas - smoothies bowls, chia puds, and a living granola.


+ My favorite grain free "grains" and how to use them in a few different ways - quinoa & buckwheat.


+ A couple of great Everyday fermented foods, water kefir and kombucha (with the second fermentation) my famous cashew lebneh cheese & raw sauerkraut.


+ My everyday medicinal whole lemon drink.


+ a few of my favorite "superfoods" and how to use them


+ How to make the easiest vegan nice cream ever.


+ How to make the best fool proof raw vegan cheesecake batter for your freezer.


+ What crystal I use on a daily basis in my water, and the importance of your water.


+ Charging your food with prayer intent, crystals & sacred geometry, and the importance of a kitchen altar.


+ plus extra recipes - 2 of favorite everyday salad dressings for both salads & cooked vegan meals.

And of course you will have the change if you desire to sample all of these foods for an interactive breakfast and also lunch in a beautiful lushful setting in Wombat State Forest in Country Victoria, only an hours drive from Melbourne

Please Contact me to secure your place and for payment details.

You can find on-going Workshop dates on the Events & Happenings Page.

Plant Based Dairy 

Alternatives Workshop



This 5 hour workshop will give you the knowledge and experience that stops so many people from exploring raw food and veganism, the love of all things dairy.

What we will cover;

+ A nut milk using the added benefits of hemp seeds

+ A home made fermented coconut yogurt

+ A variety of different nut cheeses, sauces and creams including;

Parmesan cheese, herbed cashew Lebneh, raw sour cream, sweet dessert cream, fermented macadamia feta, cheddar cheese slices, and a dehydrated aged cheddar

+ A versatile bechamel cheese sauce

+ Plant based medicinal mayonnaise

+ Dehydrated seed crackers that also double as a raw mana bread and pizza base

+ Making ice cream using coconut flesh & raw activated cashews

And much more......

Accumulating in an astounding raw vegan cheese platter, that you will get to devour in a beautiful lushful setting in Wombat State Forest in Country Victoria, only an hours drive from Melbourne. 

Spaces are very limited.

Investment is $180.

Please Contact me to secure your place and for payment details.

You can find on-going Workshop dates on the Events & Happenings Page 

Dessert Medicine Workshop


RAW DESSERTS are often much the same, I speak here from experience, as I have designed, made cakes & desserts for some of Melbourne's most well know trendy health establishments, like SoulPress, Green Street Juice, Seretonin Eatery, Particles Cinnamon Cafe, Little Sunflower Cafe, Glo Health & The Staple Store.

But this 5 hour WORKSHOP is all about my crazy alchemical ideas on how to give your DESSERTS and SWEET TREATS a MEDICINAL TWIST, using the best herbal tonics & superfoods from my fav company Teelixir, as well as the art of using wild fermentation to give added medicinal benefit to your healthy sweet treats.

This concept is very experimental, I don't know of anyone else doing desserts this way. I run my workshops in a very free flowing sharing organic interactive way, to allow whatever shows up to be discussed and learned from, as well as new ideas to be seeded, and for passion to be ignited so everyone will take away what they need to began implementing what it is that will create a healthier and deeper connection to themselves, the earth, and their bodies.
This Workshop is not just about desserts, but a way to challenge you to think outside the box with food creation from a raw vegan perspective.

What we will cover;

The easiest raw vegan fail safe"biscuit" base to make for ALL cakes and desserts using raw nuts and buckwheat.

Fermenting nuts to use in your cheesecakes or creams, adding a whole other dimension with a cultured cheese tang.

How to Wild Ferment a few other very high vibrational super foods like berries, lemons and turmeric. This is a slightly different process to the culturing and fermentation we use for such things as vegetables to make kim chi & krauts etc.

Information on the medicinal tonics & foods we will be using in the desserts.

Any little tricks of the trade that I can pass on, as knowledge is a cycle to keep paying forward

You will receive a booklet with explanations on the fermenting and culturing process, and all the complete recipes to take home.

Some of the Recipes we will cover, discuss and consume!

* Renée’s Raw Vegan Apple Pie w/ Nettle Cream

*Raw Vegan Cacao & Reishi Cheesecake w/ a Fermented Turmeric Cream Swirl

*Next level Activated Charcoal Nice cream w/ Fermented Wild Blueberries and laco-fermented Lemons

*Mango & Pine Pollen Custard Tarts, this recipe is completely nut free!

*Morninga & wild fermented Raspberry Truffles

*Tower of Love Slice w/ cinnamon cream, coconut cream and my special raw vegan caramel - one of my yummiest ice-creamy style melt-in-your-mouth dessert slices I ever invented!!

And all this experience from the lushful forest location of Blackwood in Regional Victoria, only an hours drive from Melbourne.

Investment is $180.
Spaces are very limited.


Please Contact me to secure your place and for payment details.

You can find on-going Workshop dates on the Events & Happenings Page 

I also have a new workshop called Wild Weeds Wisdom Workshop more information on my Events & Happening s Page  

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