The Frequency of Living Water

Dr Mu Shik Jhon one of the world leading authorities on water science states that;

“it is the structure of the water within our bodies

that ultimately determines health or sickness”

One of the keys points to know is when there is insignificant water in the human body, every function suffers. Ideally water in the body should be distributed so that 60% is in your cells and the remaining 40% should be available in the fluids outside the cells; in the blood, lymphatic tissue, and extracellular fluid that bathes all our cells. When the energetic quality of water is low (eg: chemically treated tap water & pressurised pipes) our hydration is compromised. Water receptors in our cells are actually tuned to receive highly energised structured water, when water vibrates at a lower frequency it is not absorbed through the cell membrane. So in order for us to be correctly hydrated we must include structured spring water into our daily lifestyle. According to Geneticist Dr Mae-Wen-Ho “liquid crystalline water is involved in the relay and storage of information; in the amplification of biological signals and in the transduction of a variety of energy forms” She describes water like us to be “Spontaneous and free flowing, responsive, flexible and accommodating yet affective and powerful” Our cells are a light driven battery that store and discharges pure potential energy, and as water is the great communicator of consciousness; liquid and crystalline it contains an echo of frequency, and in its structured coherent fluid form (like in nature with an organised matrix by increased hydrogen bonding) is a transmitter and transducer of energy pattens; Dr Mae-Wen-Ho describes this as “quantum coherence” A number of the ‘new sciences’ now reveal that many components of the body are liquid crystals (a semi conductor) themselves including, connective tissue muscle tissue, nerve sheets, cell membrane and DNA. For some time now science has stated that organised water surrounds healthy DNA. This water is responsible for the DNA’s stability, and as water loses its crystalline structure, the integrity of the DNA may be compromised. In effect water is its pure state like Olinda Springs interacts with our biology in a positive health giving way; and when used consciously can assist our overall health, well-being and vitality. Ways that we can enhance our Olinda Springs Water to increase its organising and structuring abilities for our bodies health.

Add a pinch of celtic sea salt to mineralise your water which creates an energy exchange with the cells of your body. Form a spiral or vortex to create this natural spinning motion of nature in the water (how nature gathers energy) do this by stirring your Olinda Springs water in a clockwise direction in your glass before drinking. Add the Crystal Shungite to your Olinda Springs ceramic base and just allow it to sit constantly in your water. When Shungite is placed in water it initiates the development of ‘fullerene’ like cages in the molecular structure of water (which creates high electrical conductivity) there is documentation to show therapeutic properties including antioxidant benefits, antihistamine properties and energy balancing effects when Shungite is used. Sacred Geometry such as the Flower of Life, is such a beautiful addition to assist the structure of your Olinda Springs Water. The hexagonal pattern derived from the six-fold symmetry, the same pattern is found on a larger scale throughout nature, and this hexagonal patten is also what water molecule structures is based on. “Water is life’s matter and matrix, mother and medium” - Dr. Albert Szent-Gyorgyi (father of Bio-Chemistry) Further Reading: Dancing with Water - MJ Pangman & Melanie Evans Miracles of Water - Dr Masaru Emoto Living Rainbow H2O - Dr Mae-Wen-Ho The Water Puzzle & the Hexagonal Key - Dr Mu Shik Jhon Sacred Geometry and Unified Fields - Nassim Haramein (youtube lecture) Renée McCready is a Plant Based Chef, Shiatsu Therapist, Yoga Teacher Shamanic healer and holistic & Mind-Set Coach who runs workshops, masterclasses, ceremonies, retreats, one-on-one healings and also Mentoring Programmes from her forest home in regional Victoria. You can contact Renée here.

*This article was written by me for Olinda Springs new health & wellbeing aspect of their Website.

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