{ part 1.} There’s an undeniable understanding as a plant initiate of the nuances that exist in the spaces between as plants communicate with us, I call this space soft fascination, it’s the moment between the in-breath & the out-breath we’re our plant ally is participating as our “other” in the non ordinary reality as well as “normal” reality with an exchange of oxygen & carbon dioxide, medicines offered both in spirit & in body.

Maia Toll calls it the second song, the visceral understanding that doesn’t come from knowledge written in books or taught in schools but from initiation & experience, which from my awareness & observation means we must dieta with plants - medicine & offerings in their absolute totality, through their cycles of growth over time & seasons in deep reverence & quite attuned space, we must learn to listen. This has been so confirmed for me in the recent book I read Thus Spoke the Plant, it’s not about the plants fitting into our structures and confined egoic version of their teachings, using our human platform to give them a voice, but residing in their domain, allowing their voice to move through us not from us, and unfortunately most of what I see is still working from this perspective, were plants are grown in large quantities to be literally raped of their medicines because we humans only want one part of them, and we speak for them without their song which is big life changing medicina. The way I guide my students is through gaining insight from their own relationship & experience from their cellular memory with the earth, plants, elements, infact I mostly give “recommended reading” info after not before so as not to disrupt the threads of their own insights as they’re strengthening & establishing these filaments & fractals.

Although I’ve known plants & herbalism and had a deep connection to earth wisdom codes most of my life, I’ve really only had the “go ahead” to share at the level I am now recently, as I move into a body of work that is very deeply rooted in sovereignty, reverence & shamanic practice, being able to name myself a wisdom keeper of earth medicine has been earned. (to be cont'd - part 2.)

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