Earth Wisdom & Botanical Consciousness


Making medicines is a rite of passage for me as a plant person, when I speak to this, it involves learning from plants in their totality having a relationship with their living medicine in reciprocity & reverence and gaining an experimental understanding right from the elemental environment to their spirt, body & medicinal offerings. sometimes as we initiate with a plant it takes some time to just sit with the plant, notice it in its surroundings before we even attempt to harvest from the plant to make the medicines, this - over time allows the plants healing, as it’s integrated into our own fields to flow through into another being

Recently, I made my first SPAGYRIC TINCTURE, the idea of dabbling in alchemy is a step towards a huge part of my journey, solidifying re-membering’s in my blueprint of work I’ve done “before”

A Spagyric means to separate them recombine, opening up the plant to each element - fire, earth water & air through the cycle of death & then rebirth, some say once we create the medicine in this form, the plant then takes us through this same cycle as we work with it

PLANT SALTS hold the minerals & the body of the plant, the salt becomes the channel of connection between your own physical architecture & your own energetics. By adding the purified plant salts back into the tincture we are creating a more complete, more potent medicine, that holds the spirit (Sulphur) soul

(Mercury) & body (Salt) of the plant.

A “shamanic” term we use often is that of “soul retrieval” plants actually will mirror a fragment or fractal of who we are as we work with their medicines, helping us call back this aspect, this must be done with plants in their totality, with full respect to their sovereignty & their botanical consciousness. To be an initiate of plants expands my mind, my heart and my spiritual growth each & every day, such reverence flows from every cell in my body.

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