⊳ Sacred Jaguar teach me, to wear my power lightly, to walk with impeccability, to approach life with compassion, and to live up to the integrity of my human potential ⊲

Yesterday I went into ceremony with Sacred Hapè Medicina, to date it was one of the most raw & revealing journeys I’ve taken ~

To have such space holding by Mastero Roldofo, a humble Huachumero of the Chavin medicine lineage allowed me to open into aspects of myself that I don’t think I would feel safe revealing to another

Working with the Hapè medicine of the Yawanawá people, holding deep ancestral lineage connecting to both the masculine & feminine, sitting in ceremonial space in front of the Mesa which links us back to Chavín de Huántar with the spirit of Mapacho, Icaros & Chakapa, Rattle & the Drum.

So many hours of purging, crying, burping, primal deep releasing, vomiting up, spitting up & shaking out through my body as it went from hot to cold, light to heavy, dizzy to nauseous - all the hurt, sadness, grief, heartbreak, burdens, judgment, ego attachments, insecurities, control, self doubt, projections, loneliness, feeling unseen, unheard, disregard, rejected, unloved, unworthy, misunderstood & abandonment, the deep realization that every person up till now has mirrored so perfectly for me exactly what I felt about myself, because it was me all along, my story, my own medicine reflected back through their reciprocity.

As the Cobra revealed himself to me, I moved through his eye spiraling into his body, passing through him, as he digested me, and showed me how small I see myself, how I use control to create feeling safe, but also how I’m here to be of great service, he showed me this by suspending me in the middle of my living room looking towards the spot I spent the most time in my home - my kitchen, I was shown into quiet corners of my relationship from the perspective of the observer, which was painful but also illuminating.

As the Mastero quietly told me the medicine says it’s time for more, this time the feminine hapé, within seconds of her touching my mind I shot straight into the void

My physical body collapsed into itself and the Jaguar shot from the void straight into my face, her eyes meeting mine in the void she speaks “you are me, but who looks after you” so much purging uncontrollable releasing, as I repeatedly tried to find my center as the Mastero blew Mapacho around me, sung Icarus into my field with his chakapa, that holds the medicine of his own Mastero in Peru, “I see you, I see your big open heart, I see you, a women of deep reverence devotion & service, I see you. You have held so much, let it go, trust now, you are safe, you are loved”

A time of uncertainty, is a time of certainty, it’s all the same, we are never separate, in the end it’s all in the heartspace all the answers and all the questions.

Jaguar medicine as she now initiates me deeper in my Earth wisdom codes, the plants, much Initiation in this medicine path, I’m always at the beginning, I am a student and I am of service.

I bow with gratitude to all the teachers, it’s not an easy path, it’s not meant to be, as it reveals all the worlds, but I choose it, as it’s chosen me.

⊳ Hapè medicine focuses the mind, stops the chattering, opens the entire freed mindspace for insights & visions to speak to you, shows you your immediate reality & helps with releasing emotional, physical, and spiritual illnesses, negativity and confusion, grounding the mind for deep healing ⊲

Artwork - in order

Sahaj Kaliman & Yvonne Mcgillivray

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