Updated: Sep 29, 2020

In July 2019 I was privileged to have 4 incredible women who made a commitment to immerse themselves in my body of work around sovereignty from an earth wisdom/medicine perspective •

For 1 week they lived in a beautiful home walking distance from mine in Wombat State Forest, with a wood fire to warm them & hold the space, nourishing vegan lunches each day. Over the course of the week (around 40+ hours worth) we dived deep & journed together into their personal medicines, what earth wisdom lies within ones own blueprint •

We looked deeply into spiritual nutrition concepts as they created their own new nutrition paradigm around personal sovereignty, "what the body intelligence knows"

(I call this Holographic Nutrition™) how quantum based hypothesis links into the concepts of spiritual (holographic) nutrition, my understanding through initiation of the body as a human crystal & how this relates to plant based eating & energy, minerals, DNA activation's, the frequency of living water & more •

We worked through animal totems, sacred space, offerings, daily ritual, alters, earth grids, initiation & rites of passage, creating & building their personal Mesa, continual work on their personal toolbox and personal medicines, Shamanic breath, element work with water, earth, air and fire, what is ceremonial work for you? ( as you experience the body of work this begins to reveal itself) Ancestral knowledge and soul retrieval, use of drumming, chanting & sound for healing purposes, plant communication and connecting with plant allies, establishing a relationship with the elemental and plant kingdom, plant spirit medicine, weeds & invasive plants & bio regionalism, plant totality, plant sovereignty, reciprocity and reverence. The body intelligence and the meridian system, some Chinese 5 element work, moving energy via the body circuits to release trauma, stories & programmes •

And so much more...

If this feels of interest to you please contact me for more information.

I’ll also be running the 1week residencies in 2020 and 2021.

Further info is also in the link above •

The residency programme is an intensive & concentrated way to navigate the work completely immersed in the forest and supported by nature and myself over a 6 day period • It’s a deep dive into earth wisdom, kitchen wisdom's & personal blueprint work all from the perspective of sovereignty, nature, ritual & reverence, and gives you time to feel into things around what you hold sacred that you might not have the time to otherwise explore •

"For anyone called to explore the magical wisdom of plants and their medicines, I thoroughly recommend working with Renée. A vessel of knowledge, her teaching style provides access for both the Scientist and Spiritualist, containing theory and experiential practice that allows for both structural and fluid learnings. Renée is truly a custodian of our plant kingdom, and if you are ready to drop into a journey of rememberings and discovery then she will guide the way."

~ Kate Constance


“I feel blessed to have spent a week with Renée recently, where she generously opened up her home and heart to share her knowledge and wisdom about food, plants, the earth and the shamanic pathway. Renée created and held a beautiful soft space for our group, to connect learn and share together.

I am more knowledgeable about food and its energy and more conscious of what I eat and my intention when preparing food for myself and family. We learnt how to make sauerkraut, kvass, herbal tinctures, vinegars and infusions, as well as being spoilt with her amazing lunches everyday. I now know how to tune into my body and write my own script to nourish, nurture and heal.

Under Renée's humble guidance we explored the shamanic pathway and our connection to nature through the earth, fire, spirit, water and air elements. We discovered a world between worlds and access to the space Ren calls “soft fascination” where my inner child was delighted to come out to play!

This course enriched my life in so many ways and has invited me to embrace a more slow and purposeful approach to my daily tasks.

Through Renée's teachings I was able to embody my soul's gifts and natural abilities and to walk my path with more grace and confidence.

I also feel more aligned and in tune with my my work as a Kinesiologist and look forward to creating an organic space of love and connection with my clients

I have reclaimed my soul and returned with the gift of myself.

Thank you Renee - forever grateful“

~ Anthia T

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