Last month I attended a workshop with Renee McCready. With her knowledge as a chef and deep rooted connection with the intent in which we prepare and consume our food Renee provides a holistic collaboration of a mind, body and soul infused food workshop. Her workshops are very interactive and explorative, with a focus on fermentation and soul food combined with lots of colour, energy and flavor.
Beyond the plate, Renee delves how every meal that you consume influences the way that you feel. The food you choose undeniably effects the potential of how healthy both your mind and body are.  Whole plant based  foods act as medicine to heal and protect your body They give the immune system a break from dealing with toxins, preservatives, additives and chemicals that are included in so many of today's processed foods. Numerous foods also have specific healing properties. A great example of this of food as medicine is garlic which contains antibiotic and antifungal properties

Once Renee shared her intent of the workshop we began with a sampling of the delicious Coconut Mango Lime Chia Pudding pictured above. Not only did it get our taste buds prepared for the feast we were going to experience that day, Renee also guided us through each taste we were experiencing.  The texture, the taste, the smell all were a part of the journey. The workshop continued with the creation of smoothie bowls and the components of soul food bowl we would consume at the end. Various forms of fermented foods and their ability to be used as both food and medicine were prepared and discussed   Each part of the way Renee guided us on the purpose and as we watched her prepare the food, each action was performed with intent and purpose.

At the beginning of the workshop I had a signifiant amount of knowledge on plant based food and fermentation. What I lacked was a deeper  connection to that food. 
This I believe is how Renee differs from other Raw Food Workshops. She has the skills as a plant based chef of course, but unlike others a she moves her focus to the spiritual nutrition aspects of food. Each meal is prepared with intent to activate its potential. She is connected to the food she uses. A respect for each food used and its purpose is clear. At the end,  you are rewarded with the most delicious and nourishing meals. 

Renee is in the process of perfecting and preparing a cookbook to share her passion with us all. I can't wait!

Article from Deborah Clare - The Raw Food Store

Renee is a very powerful being. She is shamanic and wholesome with her whole being – full hearted, raw and pure person who truly is a gem, Renee makes a difference in every life she touches. Great raw chef, powerful creatress, chi master and yoga trainer, Renee is one of the most imprinting and passionately pure people I have met. She’s a great master of life and a very contagiously beautiful individual. 

Polina Outkina

Melbourne, Australia

"Andrew and I attended Reneé's Raw Plant Based Vegan food class and found we got so much value out of the day. 

Nestled in amongst the beauty of the bush Renée welcomed us into her cosy home and shared with us the wealth of knowledge she has developed through her own experimentation with food.  Renee’s gold lies within the many pro-biotic elixirs that she taught us to prepare, which promote gut health through the production of good bacteria.  Renée has a unique connection to the food she prepares including connection to the land in which it is grown.  We felt honoured to share the day with Renée and receive a piece of this knowledge, one that will guide our interactions with food throughout our lifetime and hopefully one day be passed on to our own children.  It’s more than a cooking class, it’s a philosophy for life.  We look forward to attending more classes in the future.  

Everyday Raw Plant Based & Vegan Workshop

Emily Milward

Melbourne, Australia

What a special day shared with a wonderful group of women with beautiful energy.

Renée McCready once again opened up her sacred space to us and offered information, inspiration, wisdom and a connection to ourselves and the world we live in. I can’t wait to start my Food and the Shamanic Path Mentoring Program with you Renee. Thank you again!

Food & the Shamanic Path Masterclass 

Mary Kung

Melbourne, Australia

I absolutely loved Renée’s ‘Food and the shamanic path’ masterclass. I learnt so much while being surrounded by likeminded souls in such a welcoming warm space. We were fed an amazingly delicious lunch, and we got to explore new topics and reconnect with ourselves and understand how important earth medicine, energetic fields, food and water really are. Renée really inspired me with all her knowledge and cooking skills. Can’t wait to practice what she preaches!

Thank you so much!

Food & the Shamanic Path Masterclass 

Kate Spanti

Melbourne, Australia

This was my first ever SACRED CACAO CEREMONY and certainly not my last!

Renee is of the utmost quality as a practitioner and a human being.

 I have never felt so safe and well held in a space before, and the energy she facilitated and allowed us to bring was magic.

Renee said that every group is exactly as it is meant to be, and I believed it the moment I met everyone and felt our unseen ties that brought us together.

Coming out of the overnight immersion, I feel spacious and refreshed, and more connected to my body, heart and intuition than ever before. Coming from someone who has always had issues connecting with my body and keeping open a heart that fights to stay closed, this is huge for me.

Renee made sure we had the insights and tools to take home with us so that our learnings were not forgotten, and I have been able to take home little pieces of magic from this weekend into my life.

 I also have to mention that Renee is a first class cook and yogi! The food and drinks she made us were incredibly delicious and nourishing, and her own style of yoga in the morning was absolutely perfect to top off the weekend.

Overall, I am extremely content after this beautiful experience. Thank you endlessly Renee.

A'Ho. - Katie Starkey

Shamanic Immersions 

Katie Starkey

Melbourne, Australia

Such a wonderful nourishing and highly educational workshop for your heart and soul .. I feel so inspired to make an upgrade to the ways I've been doing my plant based diet. Renee brings so much intelligence, passion and creative flair to her food and her delivery... she's always a few steps ahead in her industry so you know you are getting good information that doesnt just follow trends or dogma. 

Everyday Raw Plant Based & Vegan Workshop

Michelle Mullens

Melbourne, Australia

I’ve just spent a day at Renee’s Raw Vegan Plant Based Cooking Workshop and have left with both a satisfied and full tummy as well as a head full of information and inspiration. Although I don’t adhere to a vegan or raw diet, I feel encouraged, inspired and ready to include more plant based meals in my diet to support my health and well-being. At the workshop I learned how to make some delicious and nutritious vegan meals and alternatives to things like desserts and milks. I now feel I have enough knowledge and courage to start making my own fermented and probiotic drinks and meals like kombucha and saurkraut. My gut and my family are going to love me, when I serve all this healthy, colourful and delectable food!! 

I highly recommend Renee's workshops to anyone who wants to improve their health, their cooking repertoire and knowledge and for those who (like me) simply love eating. But watch out, Renee’s passion and enthusiasm for food and health is contagious!!! She will not only inspire you to keep improving your knowledge and connecting with the food you eat. She will plant a desire inside you to improve your health and eating. This desire will hopefully keep brewing and growing like a kombucha scoby!!


Thanks again for sharing your house and all your wonderful knowledge and energy.

You’re amazing! 

Everyday Raw Plant Based & Vegan Workshop

Christina Tolstrop

Melbourne, Australia

Renees workshop brings food alive with passion and life force energy. Since doing her workshop I've been able to experiment in my own kitchen with confidence, enthusiasm and gratitude for the goodness that the food I'm eating has to offer. It confirmed my decision to heal myself with plant based foods. Thankyou so much Renée McCready 

Everyday Raw Plant Based & Vegan Workshop

Lee-Anne D'Agostino

Melbourne, Australia

Attending Renee's workshop started my plant based journey of healing. Renee is an oracle of raw plant based food as medicine. I will be attending again!!!

Everyday Raw Plant Based & Vegan Workshop

had an amazing day in Blackwood with my shaman sister who led us on a day of reconnecting our soul blueprint with the food we eat. A wonderful group of women came together to learn from Renée McCready. Please check out her amazing Buddha Bowls that she prepares on her Instagram & Facebook. Was truly inspired by the content in this master class. Very grateful!

Food & the Shamanic Path Masterclass 

Michelle Baker

Melbourne, Australia

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